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Registered Pesticide Permits

Registered Pesticide Permit (RPP) are required for landholders to possess and use registered 1080 or strychnine products for vertebrate animal control on leasehold or freehold land.


Use of 1080 and strychnine is restricted by law and confined to certain areas of the state. Before using 1080 or strychnine you need to complete appropriate training, ensure you comply with relevant Acts, Regulations and Legislation, and must apply for and obtain the appropriate permit(s) to purchase these chemicals.

Landholder training

Any person wishing to use a RP must complete the appropriate training. An online course is available through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's external progi site. Any person needing to complete the course may self-enrol and the MBG is available if extra assistance is required.


Please note:

Landholder 1080 and strychnine courses

Users will need an enrolment key to enter the landholder 1080 and landholder strychnine course on Progi.

  • Landholder 1080 course enrolment key: lh1080

  • Landholder strychnine course enrolment key: lhstrychnine


A permit is not required for  RHDV1-K5, but training must be completed.

Users will need an enrolment key to enter the RHDV1-K5 course on Progi.

  • RHDV1-K5 course enrolment key: rhdv

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