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A grass roots approach to pest management across the region



The Midlands Biosecurity Group aims to initiate, promote and foster the control of Declared Pests in the Midlands region. It will assist landowners and managers to adopt sound biosecurity practices and provide members with a forum to exchange information, advice and assistance.


By ensuring clear communication between all relevant stakeholders, the MBG will raise awareness of the issues and ensure a multi-faceted approach to pest control. This will include landholders, local government authorities, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and industry bodies.


The Midlands Biosecurity Group covers seven shires in the Midlands region being the Shires of Moora, Dandaragan, Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs, Mingenew and Irwin.


The group is exploring all options for future funding of the group’s operational plan, including requesting the implementation of a Declared Pest Rate (DPR). Recognised Biosecurity Groups have the opportunity to request a declare pest rate be implemented, which allows for local funds to be matched 1:1 with state government funding.

For more information on the Midlands Biosecurity Group's activities head to Pest Programs.



The objects and purposes of the Midlands Biosecurity Group as described in the group’s constitution are to:

  • initiate, promote and foster the control of Declared Pests under section 165 of the BAM act in the Designated Area;

  • encourage landholders and other persons to adopt sound biosecurity practices throughout the Designated Area;

  • foster the sustainable development of the Designated Area;

  • encourage the control of pests other than Declared Pests in the Designated Area;

  • identify direct or indirect funding sources that can be made available for the development of the objects and purposes of the Association;

  • provide Members with a forum to exchange information, advice and assistance where appropriate; and

  • undertake any activity that the Board of Management shall from time to time determine to be in furtherance of the objects of the Association



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