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The Wild Dog and Red Fox Program will run in tandem with each other. Currently in the Midlands Biosecurity Group region, wild dog numbers are relatively low, while red fox numbers are high. Given that wild dogs are present in the region, it is important that land managers use wild dog strength baits to avoid bait-shyness in the wild dog population by exposing them to sub-lethal fox strength baits.  

Poison-baiting is the most effective broad-scale fox control technique currently available. The MBG will be providing information to landholders about best-practice baiting techniques and encourage landholders to co-ordinate baiting together to ensure maximum impact at the right time. The group plans to run baiting days, where landholders will be able to discuss baiting strategies and take home bags of baits for use on their properties (Restricted Chemical Permit required). Licensed Pest Management Technicians (LPMT) will be available to assist farmers with their programs as well as continue to monitor areas of known wild dog hotspots. These technicians also help land-managers to make assessments as to whether leg-hold traps for wild dog control are suitable for their situation.  

The first round of baiting days will be held in late 2020 in the following areas: Watheroo, Warradarge, Three Springs East, North Eneabba, Regans Ford, and Miling. 

Wild Dog and Red Fox Program: Who We Are
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