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In December 2018 and March 2019, aerial shooting days in the Mingenew & Morawa region removed 544 pigs from the landscape in that region. Significant numbers of feral pigs have been reported throughout the Midlands region, however actual numbers have not yet been quantified.

Feral pigs have a reproductive potential more similar to rabbits than any other pest. Sows can breed from six months of age and can have up to two litters per year with an average litter size of six piglets. Feral pigs rely on water when moving throughout the landscape to keep cool and provide quality food. 

Best practice feral pig control is centred around coordinated free-feeding and introduction of poison grain. Shooting is considered effective for small numbers of pigs and used as a ‘mopping-up’ exercise after a baiting program. Shooting alone has shown to have little impact on long term numbers of feral pigs and can scatter surviving pigs further through the landscape.  
The MBG feral pig program plans to run across 100 properties a year starting in early 2021. This program will provide co-ordination, poison and a mop-up aerial shoot.  

Feral Pig Program: Who We Are
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